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One of my passions is to share information and comments about product lifecycle management (PLM), engineering and manufacturing software. To share ideas and provoke discussions about PLM was my vision behind starting the Daily PLM Think Tank blog back in 2008.

I know many people following my blog on a regular basis. At the same time, I received questions and comments from people searching for information about PLM and trying to use my blog as a source of knowledge. I tried to do it by myself using Google search. I have to admit – this is not an easy task… My articles are usually short. It is very good for daily blog, but bad if you try to connected them together as a story. Some of my old articles lost videos, references and not connected with today’s industry landscape.

Overall, it was bad experience and decided that I need to do something about it…

My original plan was to write a book about Product Lifecycle Management. As I started to work during 2015, I found a book format  too constrained for that goal. So, I decided to come with a new website in 2016- A new website will provide an organized set of materials about PLM for everyone.

I’ve made lot of writing last year and I’m going to publish it gradually during 2016. Some of materials will be rewriting and modifications of articles published earlier on Beyond PLM. New articles will be coming as well. I plan to work on this project in 2016.

I encourage you to subscribe and stay tuned for updates…

Best, Oleg @ Beyond PLM

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